A short commentary on the moon


I shouted a curse word, out loud alone in my car tonight when I saw the moon (sorry mom). This was shortly followed by me trying to stare at the moon while I drove on the freeway home, and then trying to drive through my tears as I caught a glimpse of the moon right above my rearview mirror—a mirror that held the faint streaks of a northwest sunset . The Lord was in the details tonight.

A few days ago I was on the phone with a friend & I just started talking about the moon and God’s splendor & how the two are connected. His response was simply that I should write about it, and I didn’t really think anything of that until I was alone in my car saying words I shouldn’t because I couldn’t find words poignant enough to express God’s beauty (and still can’t).

Let me explain this whole splendor thing:

Splendor means “great or impressive beauty”. I think the moon is one of the clearest images we get of God and his character. Yes—all of nature is great—but there’s something about the moon I just can’t wrap my head around.

The moon is one single facet of the night sky. It’s always showing different sides of itself, yet at the same time it’s always staying constant. It’s always the same moon. Even when we can only see a little tiny sliver it’s still the same moon that showed it’s whole self tonight & captivated me while I was driving (p.s. no one was harmed on my drive home)! The moon doesn’t change, but at the same time it’s always showing us something new. The moon is beautiful but also terrifying because though it appears small, it’s magnitude is ridiculous.

And I just find it so fascinating that no matter what I accomplish here as a human being I can’t plant a moon. You just can’t plant one. I will never plant a moon. Stop laughing at me for 2.5 seconds and just think about how big God is. Our God is a God of splendor! He made a light for the night that is not only functional but so beautiful that it can bring me to tears on the freeway. God planted a moon!! I can plant a tree, but I serve a God who plants moons!

Basically I’m really excited about the moon because it gives me a clearer picture of who God is.

Someone told me one time that we should each have something that every time we see it, it reminds us of God. So here’s my plea: pick something big, pick something small—but for the love pick something that reminds you that you are not God. I could care less if it’s the moon, because ultimately you may think that the moon is nothing cooler than a really big natural flashlight & that’s fine! But find something that reminds you how big & glorious our God is & how tiny & helpless we are. We serve a really really big God.

So find your thing. Do it, I dare you.



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