Jesus & Donuts

The only thing that really matters is Jesus. I need to remind myself of that every single day because I have a lot of my own crap that I need to work on. all. the. time.

Just a short list: I get way too worked up when I’m running late for work. I spend 500x too much time staring at a screen when there are real people present. I get upset about silly things & then realize how much privilege I have, & I complain about not understanding philosophy (but honestly those that can read it on their own & understand it are beyond me).

But all of that to say wow wow wow how silly are we sometimes and how good is our Lord to love us anyways? When I stop and think (which is really easy to avoid in our culture if we want) I come back to how much I need Jesus and how good he is. And how much of an amazing gift his love for us is.

The other night I was sitting in the top pot parking lot with a friend after a failed attempt to get donuts (top pot was CLOSED so we ate crappy donuts from the grocery store), and we ended up having one of the most poignant conversations about Jesus. After a while, the most honest thing I could say was I just want to love Jesus more.

Have you ever met one of those people who genuinely call Jesus their best friend and live by that? People who actually function differently because of what Jesus has done for them? I don’t mean the difference between Christians who are really good at following rules & those who aren’t (because oopsie I swore in my first draft of this!)—but I mean people who base every action in their life off of the fact that they want to know Jesus more deeply.

I want there to be more of those people! I want to be those people! Jesus was so radical & loved people so unconventionally. He wasn’t hateful & Jesus wasn’t a business! Jesus wasn’t trying to push something down our throats or badger us with a point, but rather he simply showed love. Why is that so hard while it’s so easy to share an opinion of Caitlyn Jenner on facebook? There is something brave about Jesus & the way that he proclaims such a pure love!

I’m not claiming to have answers, but a mentor of mine once told me that we’re the best at teaching what we’re currently learning ourselves. So I’m learning. I’m learning what it looks like to love people more fully. I’m learning that Jesus wants to hear about the tiny details of my day. I’m learning what it means to pray all of the time—and I’m learning from other people. I think that we can see Jesus everywhere. This is not some hippie-who-lived-in-the-mountains-zen-life-philosophy, but rather the fact that God made us, so obviously his big ol’ God fingerprints are on everyone & everything!

Basically it seems like every few months I feel inclined to write something & put it on the Internet in case anyone is moseying through facebook & has kept with me this whole time. I don’t know why but here I am telling you what I’ve been learning.

So here’s my recap:

Jesus is good. Whether you’re living in the mountains or working a 9-5 job he wants to know about your day! Jesus is fascinated by you & he cares so so much. He thinks your thoughts are important!

I want to know him more. How cool is it that we have a savior we can keep getting to know? I will never know everything about Jesus, and it can keep trying & imagining because he gave us imagination!!

Jesus is beautiful & he leaves his fingerprints on everything.

Those are my thoughts. I’m still learning but maybe in some weird way my rambles have inspired your rambles!


2 thoughts on “Jesus & Donuts

  1. Hannah this was so so so so so so so so so so so good! It made me think to all the times I’ve had conversations that point to the Lord and the people in my life who make me love Jesus more (hint, hint, YOU are one of those people!). Thank you for your words!


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